I had a really stressful dream last night, in which I was on some long flight on an airplane, and they wouldn’t give us food, and then the pilot kept landing us in random places and then taking back off, like either something was wrong somehow, or he was showing off. But then, for some reason, it became clear that we were going to crash and die, so a few of us were trying to gather tonic water and such for gin and tonics on the way down, and I thought of the rotten lime in my refrigerator drawer, and then I began to wonder if the reason we were going to die in such a strange way was because they realized the plane or someone on it (and so soon, everyone) was infected with Ebola, and I sat there with the very real feeling of being about to certainly die, and telling myself to stay calm as if controlling myself would be a solution somehow, but then wondering why? I was about to die anyway, and nothing that ever had been even mattered, and I was just annoyed and depressed in a severe existential crisis, but not even.

I dream dark, yo.

Man…this is gonna sound like an asshole thing, but in all seriousness. Runners will get me. I thought that race Saturday was big enough it’d be pretty competitive, but the results page is finally working (chip start, so hard to tell day of), and I did not run a great time at all, but I still got 5th out of 765 females. How.

Looking forward to some good trail events coming up…
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